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Bye bye little ones!

The same day as when I came back from our hols in Malta, we found a home to two of our babies. I was so pleased because I know that they are going to be spoilt and in a good home. When I was back at work, Pat showed me photos of the little ones laying comfortably on a big cushion at her daughter’s house.

Next Wednesday we will see the vet so that the rest of the male (there should be 3 left) have the op and this will give us peace of mind! He suggested that we could wait until the seasonal time of January February but the risk is too big if  one of the female was to get pregnant!

I decided that I could let the babies explore the lawn one by one and this is Timothy out and about. It’s easy to catch him unlike William! Tonight mother Anémone slipped out and disappeared in the hedge for 2 hours and it was dark. I was getting worried because it’s actually cold now. She then reappeared out of nowhere in the front lawn. Answers to prayers lol!

I’ve just realized that I wrote this post in English, too bad, I will leave it and the next one I will write in French…oups!

Finally if you are interested in adopting one or two of those darlings, let me know, we are in Civray, in Vienne, France.